Polson 3 On 3 Basketball

Polson 3 on 3 basketball

The Polson 3 On 3 Basketball Tournament will be held on July 26th through 28th. This year the Polson, Montana basketball tournament is celebrating its 21st anniversary.

A total of 300 teams are expected to sign up and participate in the Flathead Lake 3 on 3 Hoop Shoot. Competition is divided into at least 6 sections; Men’s Open Elite, Men’s 6-1 Rec, Men’s 6-1 Under Elite, Girls 7th-8th, Girls 11th-12th, and Women’s B.

Along with the bracketed competition that takes place in the streets of downtown Polson, a Slam Dunk Competition will be held. The winner will receive a cash prize!

Polson Websites is not associated with Flathead Lake 3 on 3, contact event coordinators through the official event website.

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FLATHEAD 3-ON-3 HOOPS REPORT Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2011 10:30 am
In the boys 11th-12th bracket, a showdown between two teams comprised of Polson Pirate varsity players was in the making, but the anticipated encounter was derailed by a team operating under the designation of Harwood. In a preceding game, Desert Horse (Zach Camel, Riley Sampson, Dylan Kelley) were eliminated from…[continue]

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Event: Polson 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament